The dangers of Organic Fertilizer

Many organic fertilizers contain ingredients dogs just can’t keep their nose out of, such as bone meal. (Yuck!) One ingredient you want to avoid when choosing a fertilizer is coco meal or Coco mulch. Eating too much coco meal may cause  vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors to elevated heart rate, hyperactivity or seizures. My dog, Rory, was sick yesterday because he ate fertilizer that had coco mulch in it.

He pooped on my bed, barfed on my mom, and slept kept the whole day.(He never stays still, him sleeping was a bit scary!) I called his vet, he wasn’t at the office, but would come if I called the ASPCA poison control hotline and they reccomened we send Rory to the vet.

The ASPCA poision control hotline is asking $65.00 a call… I personally think that’s a ridiculous price, and this really makes me question the ASPCA’s morals. They get around 375 cases a day (check out their website,) which means they are making money off of this hotline.

Rory is fine now, but  I couldn’t put my self up to calling the hotline. Thank goodness he only ate a little bit of the fertilizer!

So, this spring, play it safe and avoid any containing coco mulch. It isn’t worth an expensive phone call or vet visit. 


Rory was so sick he started to cuddle with me.

Rory was so sick he started to cuddle with me.

Former foster,Mikey, and Chuck.

Former foster,Mikey, and Chuck.

Bailey, Before and After Adoption

We found Bailey in June, she was starving, severely dehydrated, and mangey. Bailey was adopted in December, just in time for Christmas, and she is now healthy and happy!!








Bailey is so happy~

Nap time!


 This is why I foster.

5 Ways to make walking your dog more enjoyable!

 When you’re having a bad day, sometimes even walking your dog can become a hassle. Below are a few ideas to make walking your dog more enjoyable!

1. Pick the best route

I found a beautiful trail that is rarely used by others!

I found a beautiful trail that is rarely used by others!

For those of you with a dog that is reactive towards people or dogs, a walk can easily become stressful. If you’re already in a bad mood, the last thing you want to deal with is passing by a dog. Try finding a less popular place where you can walk your dog. During the day and most week days, many parks, hiking trials, and dog parks are empty.

2. Wear appropriate clothing


I was prepared for the weather!

Trust me, walking your dog when it all of a sudden starts pouring is NOT pleasant!  IBefore you head out for your walk, check the weather. It also never hurts to bring along a jacket and gloves just encase!

3. Listen to music


If I’m in a good mood, my dog is in a good mood. =)

Music can be very motivating or even calming. If you’re having a lazy day, turn on some exiting music and get pumped! Obviously, you want to make sure the volume is low enough for you to hear cars passing by. Some dog owners dislike it when other owners play on their phone or listen to music while walking their dog because it is distracting, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. For me, listening to music makes me more alert.

4. Have your dog do some tricks

Shiloh loves learning new tricks!

Feeling stressed or upset? Try teaching your dog some tricks! Shiloh(in the photo above) absolutely LOVES preforming her tricks! Just bring along some extra kibble or cheese on your walk. You can do environment agility, where you have your dog leap over fallen trees, jump onto rocks or a bench, or even have your dog circle trees. Tricks like beg, leave weaves, and spin are simple yet fun for dogs! There are all sorts of tricks you can do with your dog on a walk!

5. Let your dog be a dog

Shiloh watching the river.

Shiloh watching the river.

Instead of getting frustrated every time your dog wants to sniff a certain area or mark a fire hydrant, just relax and give them some time to be a dog. My dogs seem to want to sniff every single bush we pass by, most days I keep walking, but I like to give them time to sniff stuff and just have an enjoyable walk. Heeling the whole walk isn’t very exiting for my dogs. You could also walk your dog on a long leash so they have room to roam, but I’d only suggest you do this if you aren’t near any people or dogs.

How do you make walking with your dog fun? Feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

Christmas Presents!

I still can’t believe how many presents Rory received! These aren’t even all of them in the picture!


spoiled dog



I’m very exited about trying this toy out!


Rory got this adorable coat from his uncle!



I was not surprised that the squirrel was his favorite toy. :p

Loves his toy

What did your dog get for Christmas?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season!!

Bailey was adopted!!

YAY!! Bailey was adopted Sunday by a wonderful family! I bet she’s having a wonderful Christmas morning with them. 🙂


We will miss Bailey so much, she was truly the best dog ever!

Bailey giving me a kiss

Delilah is photo-bombing. 😛



Agility makes everything better!

The absolute worst way to start your day is to wake up to the horrid stench of dog poop…. That describes how most of my day was. Dogs getting mud all over me, Rory PEEING on the floor right after I brought him in from a walk, and me not realizing today was Tuesday. I thought for sure today was going to be one of those awful bad days, but surprisingly I was completely wrong!

My agility class started with 7 or 8 students a year ago, now there are only 3 of us! Our Monday class was so small they transferred us to the Tuesday class. Everyone was very nice, and there were a few dogs who were also reactive, like Shiloh. At the end of class, one of my new peers gave each dog a Christmas cookie. I’m so relieved  my instructor is nice (and positive) and everyone in the class is friendly!

Shiloh was perfect! I on the other hand was terribly distracted. I forgot half the course while running with her. I can be such a stupid human sometimes. :p

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

If you’re having trouble finding a last minute gift for your dog loving friend, look no further! I’ve created a small list of neat, yet affordable, gifts that will satisfy any owner and their dog!



1. A Gift Card to a pet store

This is probably the best gift idea if aren’t sure of what your friend needs or wants. You can purchase a Gift Card from Petco, Petsmart, or a local pet supply store.


2. Magazine Subscription

If you have a friend who is into dog sports or dog training, a subscription to a magazine would be a splendid gift! Some great dog magazines are Dog Fancy, Clean Run (all about dog agility) and Natural Dog.

3. 101 Dog Tricks by Krya Sundance


This would be perfect for a friend who owns a very clever dog! All dogs can learn tricks, no matter what breed they are or how old they are! This book includes step by step instructions with pictures on how to teach each trick by using positive reinforcement. It can be found at most book stores.

4. A Pop Doggie print or magnet Cute and yet funny, these prints and magnets are perfect for a friend who loves a certain breed.
5. Donate to a rescue 



Donate money or supplies to your friend’s favorite rescue group.  You can print of a picture of a dog from the rescue group’s website (and make a card!) so your friend can look at the dog she/he has helped. This is truly one of the best gifts a dog lover could receive.



Cornflower, the little dog we found, was adopted by my city’s Police Chief! Now Bailey just needs to get adopted!

Found another stray dog :(



My local library is like a community center. Well, yesterday, the main volunteer found this puppy in the bathroom. According to the vet, she’s about 3 months old, possibly some sort of Rat Terrier or Jack Russell mix. No one was able to take her until we find her home or a temporary foster home, so she’s in my brothers room.

We’re calling her Cornflower, from the book Redwall, just so we can call her something other than puppy. I was surprised to see her adjust to a new situation so well! At first he was very shy towards us and scared, but just after a few hours she is now trying to play with us! She’s a great dog, we just can foster her. We have Bailey and Rory separated from the living room, it’s just too much work.

I have 3 people interested in adopting her, and a great friend of mine has offered to foster her until she finds a home. 🙂

Things are pretty chaotic right now. Hopefully Cornflower will get adopted soon… And Bailey too! She still needs a home!