Agility makes everything better!

The absolute worst way to start your day is to wake up to the horrid stench of dog poop…. That describes how most of my day was. Dogs getting mud all over me, Rory PEEING on the floor right after I brought him in from a walk, and me not realizing today was Tuesday. I thought for sure today was going to be one of those awful bad days, but surprisingly I was completely wrong!

My agility class started with 7 or 8 students a year ago, now there are only 3 of us! Our Monday class was so small they transferred us to the Tuesday class. Everyone was very nice, and there were a few dogs who were also reactive, like Shiloh. At the end of class, one of my new peers gave each dog a Christmas cookie. I’m so relieved  my instructor is nice (and positive) and everyone in the class is friendly!

Shiloh was perfect! I on the other hand was terribly distracted. I forgot half the course while running with her. I can be such a stupid human sometimes. :p

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