5 Ways to make walking your dog more enjoyable!

 When you’re having a bad day, sometimes even walking your dog can become a hassle. Below are a few ideas to make walking your dog more enjoyable!

1. Pick the best route

I found a beautiful trail that is rarely used by others!

I found a beautiful trail that is rarely used by others!

For those of you with a dog that is reactive towards people or dogs, a walk can easily become stressful. If you’re already in a bad mood, the last thing you want to deal with is passing by a dog. Try finding a less popular place where you can walk your dog. During the day and most week days, many parks, hiking trials, and dog parks are empty.

2. Wear appropriate clothing


I was prepared for the weather!

Trust me, walking your dog when it all of a sudden starts pouring is NOT pleasant!  IBefore you head out for your walk, check the weather. It also never hurts to bring along a jacket and gloves just encase!

3. Listen to music


If I’m in a good mood, my dog is in a good mood. =)

Music can be very motivating or even calming. If you’re having a lazy day, turn on some exiting music and get pumped! Obviously, you want to make sure the volume is low enough for you to hear cars passing by. Some dog owners dislike it when other owners play on their phone or listen to music while walking their dog because it is distracting, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. For me, listening to music makes me more alert.

4. Have your dog do some tricks

Shiloh loves learning new tricks!

Feeling stressed or upset? Try teaching your dog some tricks! Shiloh(in the photo above) absolutely LOVES preforming her tricks! Just bring along some extra kibble or cheese on your walk. You can do environment agility, where you have your dog leap over fallen trees, jump onto rocks or a bench, or even have your dog circle trees. Tricks like beg, leave weaves, and spin are simple yet fun for dogs! There are all sorts of tricks you can do with your dog on a walk!

5. Let your dog be a dog

Shiloh watching the river.

Shiloh watching the river.

Instead of getting frustrated every time your dog wants to sniff a certain area or mark a fire hydrant, just relax and give them some time to be a dog. My dogs seem to want to sniff every single bush we pass by, most days I keep walking, but I like to give them time to sniff stuff and just have an enjoyable walk. Heeling the whole walk isn’t very exiting for my dogs. You could also walk your dog on a long leash so they have room to roam, but I’d only suggest you do this if you aren’t near any people or dogs.

How do you make walking with your dog fun? Feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

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  1. Great tips. I just take in the beauty of nature I love the sound of birds singing and squirrel rustling in the woods. I allow Missy to smell things(not everything). A few times during the walk I will tell her “watch me” “stop” or “lets go” to make sure she is listening for me encase I run into another dog. I give her all of her leash unless walking by a person or dog.

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