The dangers of Organic Fertilizer

Many organic fertilizers contain ingredients dogs just can’t keep their nose out of, such as bone meal. (Yuck!) One ingredient you want to avoid when choosing a fertilizer is coco meal or Coco mulch. Eating too much coco meal may cause  vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors to elevated heart rate, hyperactivity or seizures. My dog, Rory, was sick yesterday because he ate fertilizer that had coco mulch in it.

He pooped on my bed, barfed on my mom, and slept kept the whole day.(He never stays still, him sleeping was a bit scary!) I called his vet, he wasn’t at the office, but would come if I called the ASPCA poison control hotline and they reccomened we send Rory to the vet.

The ASPCA poision control hotline is asking $65.00 a call… I personally think that’s a ridiculous price, and this really makes me question the ASPCA’s morals. They get around 375 cases a day (check out their website,) which means they are making money off of this hotline.

Rory is fine now, but  I couldn’t put my self up to calling the hotline. Thank goodness he only ate a little bit of the fertilizer!

So, this spring, play it safe and avoid any containing coco mulch. It isn’t worth an expensive phone call or vet visit. 


Rory was so sick he started to cuddle with me.

Rory was so sick he started to cuddle with me.

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