Kyjen Cagey Cube Review

This is the Kyjen Cagey Cube, a dog toy puzzle.


This is Rory, the tester, a 12 month old Australian Kelpie who loves tennis balls!


Rory absolutely LOVED this toy! It didn’t take him long to figure out how to get the ball out of the cage. I was surprised to see him playing with the cage, and not the ball! Since he enjoys playing with just the cage, I use it like a tug toy. It’s very durable, and won’t be destroyed in seconds like other dogs toys. Keep in mind it isn’t meant to be a tug to. It was able to withstand a crazy Kelpie tugging on it though.

This toy would be perfect for a dog who loves tennis balls, or who needs a new toy that will last a while. My Shepherd mix who doesn’t play with balls had no interest in this toy at all, so obviously not all dogs will interact with this toy.

Overall, I was very pleased with this toy, it was very durable and Rory LOVED it. I will definitely look into buying more Kyien puzzle toys!

Beagle Bling!

There’s no better way than to start this blog post with a photo of Rory!


You’re probably wondering what the heck Beagle Bling is. Beagle Bling is the name for my future dog collar business, which may or may not be called that. :p

I’m wanting to make dog collars for my dogs, and I’ve seen tutorials all over the web and they seem fairly easy to make, so I might as well sell a few as well! This won’t be starting up soon since I don’t own a sewing machine. 😦 I’m searching on Craigslist for a cheap one, hopefully I’ll fine one soon.

Other than Bailey being insanely cute, nothing much has been going on. Maybe I’ll have a photo shoot starring her tomorrow. 🙂

Puppy Party Palooza!

Tomorrow I’m having a ‘Puppy Party Palooza’ celebrating me getting a new dog, but so far only 1 of my friends is coming for sure. This was all last minute, the weather looked good so I invited my friends. 2 of my friends still haven’t asked their parents, and the other 2 can’t come at all. I have a ton of candy, gift bags, prizes, and games all prepared for tomorrow. I really hope at least 2 people show up…

This party is more for the humans than Rory. Rory will be there, but I have a feeling he will get too wound up and will be in his crate while we run around. He’ll have a blast though, he enjoys anything that has people involved.

That’s about it for tonight. If tomorrow goes well, I’ll take some pictures and possible film a short video. His blog is also due for a Bailey update, and some redecorating. 🙂

Product Reviews On The Way!

I have some pretty interesting dog toys being mailed to me! Rorywas The Clicker Pet’s Pet of The Month, so I received a $50 gift card! Since each toy is unique, I’ll be doing a video review for each toy. The clicker whistle looks awesome!! I hope to works properly. I haven’t thought of how I’ll use the whistle yet .. It seems like a great tool for recall.

Sorry this is short and doesn’t have a cute picture. It’s 12:58am, and the iPad isn’t cooperating. Check out for an update about my pup Rory! 🙂

Happy Halloween!

I wasn’t able to film a Halloween video this year because my brother had a horrible case of posion oak… All over his face for 2 weeks! He was looking and feeling better last night until he got food poising. He has such bad luck…

I never really do anything on Halloween with the dog. I’ll dress them up for pictures, but that’s about it. Do you do anything special with your dog for Halloween?

Wordless Wednesday!

Strut Your Mutt!

I never imagined I’d ever be able to bring Shiloh to a dog event… And that’s just what I did this morning with Shiloh and Bailey, we went to Strut Your Mutt!

Shiloh was fantastic, she barely pulled on the leash, and she behaved well around the other dogs. I entered her into the trick contest, but she wouldn’t listen to me because she spotted my mom in the crowd and then watched her walk away…. She did her trick, sorta. I practiced her trick right before our turn, and she did it perfectly. It’s okay she didn’t win, she did her best and had fun!

Bailey was simply adorable! She is a tad shy around strange dogs, especially hyper ones. She did greet a few dogs, and she also had a wonderful time. No one was interested in adopting her, but my awesome friend has some friends who will be meeting her tomorrow at Shiloh’s agility class. This family sounds perfect for Bailey, I’m hoping they will adopt her!


Thursday, Rory and I tagged along with my younger brother and we explored the park where his 4h garden club meets. His instructor is very interested in having me give a ‘lesson’ to a girl scout troop about positive dog training, and dog safety! He suggested I bring in Shiloh and let her preform her tricks! 

I had an idea of using a stuffed animal dog for them to practice approaching and petting since none of my dogs are therapy dogs. Rory needs to calm down, and Delilah can’t qualify for the certification because she gets scared of random objects… Water bottles for instance… I can’t imagine my dogs hurting anyone, but that’s another risk for me since they’re not certified. So if I bring Shiloh the kids can’t pet her, which he said was no problem. 

The dog safety will be a piece of cake for me… I’ll just show them how to approach a dog, and what to do if a strange dog approaches them. Explaining my training method may get tricky. I still have to confirm  the date, but there’s no harm in planning it out now. 

Positive dog training encourages the handler to listen and respect their dog. This is why I’m trying to get KIDS interested in clicker training. Kids and adults can learn so much from dogs!  



My adorable foster dog, Bailey, is still up for adoption! We found Bailey starving, severely dehydrated, and with skin problems on the side of the road. Just over a few months with a little love and care, she is now healthy and happy! We’re also still collecting donations to help pay for Bailey’s vet bills. The money goes directly to the Atlanta Beagle Rescue. They have taken Bailey into their rescue and have kindly helped us pay for her vet bills. A dollar, or even five dollars will help us out a lot! Here’s a link to the online fundraiser-

Bailey is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She walks perfectly on a leash, and doesn’t  require a fenced in yard, she doesn’t go very far in our yard and prefers to be in the house with us. Bailey would do perfectly with maybe an older person since she is so gentle and doesn’t need a ton of exercise. Although Bailey is an incredible dog, she doesn’t get along with cats. Other than that, she is the perfect dog!

This is a before/after video of Bailey:

And Bailey was even on the news with me! (I’ll post the link tomorrow)

If you’re interested in adopting Bailey, feel free to contact the Atlanta Beagle Rescue for more information about her. You can also spread the word and help her out by sharing the link to her fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, and your blogs!

Agility Trials!

Yesterday and today Shiloh ‘competed’ in intro agility trials! A year ago I could barley walk her down the road or bring her to parks and have her listen to me… It doesn’t help she was terrified of the car!! Yesterday we qualified for the Jumpers run, and we won 2nd place! My goal for her has been completed… I wanted for her to earn 1 ribbon before she retires. (Which will be in 3 or 4 years) I’m so proud of her!

Here is a video of her epic run: 

The trial held today was outdoors; I immediately knew it would be a challenge! Shiloh marks everything even though she’s a spayed. For the Standard run, she was not focused on me, so I took her out of the ring. Amazingly, she was focused on me for Jumpers, but only at the beginning. My brother is pretty sure she saw something and got distracted. I knew it was time to leave the ring, she was standing by the door. I felt really bad for Shiloh. 😦 She wasn’t happy like yesterday. My only guess is that she is tired from yesterday and was stressed. She didn’t have her normal ‘happy’ smile she gets when we do agility. I know need to take equipment to parks and practice agility there, I’m positive that will help her out a lot!


I was pleased with Shiloh’s performance and I had such a great time talking to other handlers. I met a bunch of beautiful dogs, like the Toller in the photo above, and I also met a junior handler! I was originally worried I would be too stressed and nervous to compete in trials, but I really enjoyed myself today & yesterday, even though they were intro/matches.

There is a man, I shall call him Howard on this blog, in my agility class who came to both of the trials too. He has 3 amazing Australian Shepherds, 2 puppies and one dog Shiloh’s age. He actually qualified for the Jumpers run with his Aussie! I was never really into Aussies until I noticed how much he loved his dogs, and how brilliant they truly were. He’s giving me a set of weave poles he never uses, and an indestructible frisbee for Rory. His dog not only rocks at agility, but he also has entered some important frisbee competitions, and placed! He’s a great handler, and he has a great dog!

I’ve had such a great experience, I can’t wait for the next agility trial! Who knows, I might bring Rory along, he’s really been improving with his dog issues!