Kyjen Cagey Cube Review

This is the Kyjen Cagey Cube, a dog toy puzzle.


This is Rory, the tester, a 12 month old Australian Kelpie who loves tennis balls!


Rory absolutely LOVED this toy! It didn’t take him long to figure out how to get the ball out of the cage. I was surprised to see him playing with the cage, and not the ball! Since he enjoys playing with just the cage, I use it like a tug toy. It’s very durable, and won’t be destroyed in seconds like other dogs toys. Keep in mind it isn’t meant to be a tug to. It was able to withstand a crazy Kelpie tugging on it though.

This toy would be perfect for a dog who loves tennis balls, or who needs a new toy that will last a while. My Shepherd mix who doesn’t play with balls had no interest in this toy at all, so obviously not all dogs will interact with this toy.

Overall, I was very pleased with this toy, it was very durable and Rory LOVED it. I will definitely look into buying more Kyien puzzle toys!


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