Strut Your Mutt!

I never imagined I’d ever be able to bring Shiloh to a dog event… And that’s just what I did this morning with Shiloh and Bailey, we went to Strut Your Mutt!

Shiloh was fantastic, she barely pulled on the leash, and she behaved well around the other dogs. I entered her into the trick contest, but she wouldn’t listen to me because she spotted my mom in the crowd and then watched her walk away…. She did her trick, sorta. I practiced her trick right before our turn, and she did it perfectly. It’s okay she didn’t win, she did her best and had fun!

Bailey was simply adorable! She is a tad shy around strange dogs, especially hyper ones. She did greet a few dogs, and she also had a wonderful time. No one was interested in adopting her, but my awesome friend has some friends who will be meeting her tomorrow at Shiloh’s agility class. This family sounds perfect for Bailey, I’m hoping they will adopt her!


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