Thursday, Rory and I tagged along with my younger brother and we explored the park where his 4h garden club meets. His instructor is very interested in having me give a ‘lesson’ to a girl scout troop about positive dog training, and dog safety! He suggested I bring in Shiloh and let her preform her tricks! 

I had an idea of using a stuffed animal dog for them to practice approaching and petting since none of my dogs are therapy dogs. Rory needs to calm down, and Delilah can’t qualify for the certification because she gets scared of random objects… Water bottles for instance… I can’t imagine my dogs hurting anyone, but that’s another risk for me since they’re not certified. So if I bring Shiloh the kids can’t pet her, which he said was no problem. 

The dog safety will be a piece of cake for me… I’ll just show them how to approach a dog, and what to do if a strange dog approaches them. Explaining my training method may get tricky. I still have to confirm  the date, but there’s no harm in planning it out now. 

Positive dog training encourages the handler to listen and respect their dog. This is why I’m trying to get KIDS interested in clicker training. Kids and adults can learn so much from dogs!  



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