My adorable foster dog, Bailey, is still up for adoption! We found Bailey starving, severely dehydrated, and with skin problems on the side of the road. Just over a few months with a little love and care, she is now healthy and happy! We’re also still collecting donations to help pay for Bailey’s vet bills. The money goes directly to the Atlanta Beagle Rescue. They have taken Bailey into their rescue and have kindly helped us pay for her vet bills. A dollar, or even five dollars will help us out a lot! Here’s a link to the online fundraiser-

Bailey is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She walks perfectly on a leash, and doesn’t  require a fenced in yard, she doesn’t go very far in our yard and prefers to be in the house with us. Bailey would do perfectly with maybe an older person since she is so gentle and doesn’t need a ton of exercise. Although Bailey is an incredible dog, she doesn’t get along with cats. Other than that, she is the perfect dog!

This is a before/after video of Bailey:

And Bailey was even on the news with me! (I’ll post the link tomorrow)

If you’re interested in adopting Bailey, feel free to contact the Atlanta Beagle Rescue for more information about her. You can also spread the word and help her out by sharing the link to her fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, and your blogs!


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