Agility Trials!

Yesterday and today Shiloh ‘competed’ in intro agility trials! A year ago I could barley walk her down the road or bring her to parks and have her listen to me… It doesn’t help she was terrified of the car!! Yesterday we qualified for the Jumpers run, and we won 2nd place! My goal for her has been completed… I wanted for her to earn 1 ribbon before she retires. (Which will be in 3 or 4 years) I’m so proud of her!

Here is a video of her epic run: 

The trial held today was outdoors; I immediately knew it would be a challenge! Shiloh marks everything even though she’s a spayed. For the Standard run, she was not focused on me, so I took her out of the ring. Amazingly, she was focused on me for Jumpers, but only at the beginning. My brother is pretty sure she saw something and got distracted. I knew it was time to leave the ring, she was standing by the door. I felt really bad for Shiloh. 😦 She wasn’t happy like yesterday. My only guess is that she is tired from yesterday and was stressed. She didn’t have her normal ‘happy’ smile she gets when we do agility. I know need to take equipment to parks and practice agility there, I’m positive that will help her out a lot!


I was pleased with Shiloh’s performance and I had such a great time talking to other handlers. I met a bunch of beautiful dogs, like the Toller in the photo above, and I also met a junior handler! I was originally worried I would be too stressed and nervous to compete in trials, but I really enjoyed myself today & yesterday, even though they were intro/matches.

There is a man, I shall call him Howard on this blog, in my agility class who came to both of the trials too. He has 3 amazing Australian Shepherds, 2 puppies and one dog Shiloh’s age. He actually qualified for the Jumpers run with his Aussie! I was never really into Aussies until I noticed how much he loved his dogs, and how brilliant they truly were. He’s giving me a set of weave poles he never uses, and an indestructible frisbee for Rory. His dog not only rocks at agility, but he also has entered some important frisbee competitions, and placed! He’s a great handler, and he has a great dog!

I’ve had such a great experience, I can’t wait for the next agility trial! Who knows, I might bring Rory along, he’s really been improving with his dog issues!



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  1. Congratulations! She looks so proud 🙂

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